Dec 13

The Biggest Fan Page Marketing Mistake People Commit

As social networks have become a very important part of every individual’s existence, they can therefore become an excellent base for marketing. People all over the world have understood the value of having a fan page. They are using these social networks to make their business a known and successful venture. However, making a fan page is not as easy as its looks. It requires constant updating, interesting games and many others things.

Mistake 1: Not reaching out to the target market

More than 600 million people are hooked onto either one social network or another. Facebook being the most popular one gives several amazing options to its users. One should understand that the biggest part of marketing a product or a service is to advertise it in the correct fashion. If one doesn’t reach out to the right target audience, then there is no use of having a fan page.

Mistake 2:  No incentives no fans

There are very many marketing based fan pages which have a hoard of fans. People on social networking sites do not join a page unless there is something in it for them. So, if one wants active users on their fan page, then one needs to have incentives for the fans. For examples, if one is a designer of their own online boutique, then one needs to come up with discount vouchers for their fans in order for them to become regular customers as well as active fans.

Mistake 3: Not keeping the fan page interesting

Users of social networking sites get distracted very easily. In order to keep them interested in the fan page one needs to have continuous engagement with the fans. One should always keep the page updates with current events and other interesting videos. This makes the page appear active on the fan’s profile so that he/she is always reminded about your business. Being the administrative of a fan page is a very big task. It requires commitment and constant contact with the goings on of the fan page. So, one should always be in the loop when supervising a fan page.

Mistake 4: Not being a neutral administrator

The first step towards successful marketing is to keep as many clients satisfied as one can therefore, when managing a fan page, one should not take sides in heated debates. This could result in losing out on the fans. While it is important to keep the page updated with the latest news, one should still tread carefully when making a point in the debate. Taking sides can cause a lot of damage to the clientele. So, one should always try to neutralize such problems on the fan page. This way, the risk of losing potential clients remains minimal.

If one takes all these necessary steps, then they are on their way to running a successful fan page.  Keeping the fan page updated with the latest details is very important. However, one should never get side tracked; one should constantly keep the fans up to date about the product or the service that the fan page is meant for. Therefore, as an administrator one should take care of all these details and ensure that such mistakes never happen.